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Welcome to Vegas New Finish Technology, YOUR local source for vehicle paint chip and scratch repairs!

New Finish Technology (NFT) is a cosmetic repair system that provides a solution for virtually any scratch, scuff or chip on ANY vehicle make and model. This procedure will leave your car's not-so-pretty areas looking nice and new for a fraction of the time and costs associated with conventional auto body touch up services. Whether you drive a brand new fancy Mercedes or an old beater, Vegas New Finish can repair your vehicle's paint damage now!

  • Protects against rust
  • Great for "road rash"
  • Exact OEM paint match
  • No color mixing, paint codes or spraying required
  • Average repairs take less than 15 minutes!
Preparing to sell your car? We can help you increase its value! Trading in a lease? Let us touch up the paint before you take it back! Or maybe you're just looking to refresh your vehicle's overall look.. no matter the case, we can help! Give us a call or use the contact form here on the site to arrange an appointment - we will come to your home or place of business and complete the repairs without any interruption to your daily routine. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Repairs start as low as $50.00 and generally do not exceed $150.00

Take a look at the following before and after shots of this red Mini Cooper. Even after the image has been largely scaled down, the difference is obvious. Notice the white chips spread throughout the area to the right of the emblem in the "before" image. Now look at the "after" image and see the results for yourself! (click an image to view a larger version)

Before NFT

After NFT

You may be wondering why you can still faintly see some of the scratches and chips - well, we can't claim the ability to restore your paint to factory standards because it's just not possible without a new paint job. Our main goal is to give the vehicle a newer look by alleviating most of the cosmetic damage caused by small rocks and other road debris. In this case, we did in fact apply the NFT to the large scratch but this type of damage is much more resilient to any type of paint repair. Please see our Warranty section for more details.